Every Menu, Every Shelf.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional foods to the large and growing population of flexitarians...consumers who still love to eat meat and don’t love the taste or ingredient profiles of processed “plant” products. This includes consumers who want to eat more healthfully, consumers who care about the environment and moms who want the best for their kids (stealth health!)

By focusing on flavor and only real ingredients, we’ve created a premium product that eliminates the feeling of sacrifice, and delivers an unprecendented level of satisfaction to keep customers coming back to your restaurants and stores for more.

Regenerative Agriculture is the Answer.

We are big believers in regenerative agriculture. If all our beef were raised on regenerative farms, we could help reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity, resulting in both a full scale carbon drawdown as well as improving the water cycle. This holistic approach to farming is good for farmers, good for their livestock, and good for their communities.

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