It all started when two best friends, who both have a passion for food and for making a difference, sat down for some burgers and beers, and lamented the fact they were forced to choose between the meat they crave and the health that they desire. The only options were 100% meat or 100% “plant.” It begged the question, why can’t we have BOTH?

As meat lovers, they knew it wasn’t realistic to give up meat completely. But what if there were a way to simply reduce the amount of beef enough to make a real difference without compromising on taste or ingredient quality? So they got to work in the kitchen with the goal of creating a 50% beef, 50% veggie burger that tastes even better than BOTH a 100% plant burger and a 100% beef burger. How, you ask? We put popular flavor enhancing toppings like roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions and roasted garlic inside our burgers!

This is just the

We at 50/50 Foods, Inc are committed to eating 50% less meat. Which means we aren’t going to stop with our flagship BOTH Burger. Stay tuned for the release of our next line of delicious 50/50 hot dogs and 50/50 chicken nuggets. Thanks, as always, for joining us on this delicious journey!